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Headache and Migraine

Headache and Migraine Treatment with our Ipswich Chiropractor

Headaches and migraines can be severely debilitating. At our Ipswich Chiropractic clinic, we love being able to help people with this. Often people don't even think they can be helped, and it is a bonus when it improves as they came in for other issues.

A lot of headaches and migraines can be affected by issues in the neck. Commonly, those with headaches or migraine also have neck pain. Cervicogenic headaches are headaches that originate from the joints, muscles or nerves of the neck. Chiropractors are well known for helping these types of headaches and our Chiropractor has had great success with these.

Migraines can be very varied with many different types existing. This can be with or without pain along with a wide variety of other symptoms. Chiropractors can help to prevent the onset of migraine, therefore reducing their frequency and severity.

Examination is key with headache and migraine. This will often consist of tests on the nerves coming out from the brainstem (cranial nerves) as well as blood pressure. This is alongside our usual tests of the muscles, joints and spinal nerves and thorough history.​

Treatment of headache and migraine with Chiropractic often involves work into the joints, muscles and nerves of the neck. This can be massage techniques, Chiropractic adjustments and sometimes work into the jaw or cranial bones. Advice on posture and ergonomics can often make a huge amount of difference as well.

Success stories

After 2 months of treatment for neck pain and headaches things have improved massively. Very friendly and very professional. Thanks Dr Mykel

Richard G

Dr Mason has been treating me for over 5 years. Part of my treatment involves helping me with headaches and migraines. I have suffered with them since I was a child. His treatments plus the advice he has given me to follow outside of them have been so helpful in reducing the number of headaches and migraines I get. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr Mason if you suffer from headaches or migraines. He has really helped me out.

Jabyed Meah

Mykel is a excellent Chiropractor. I met him by chance at a pop event. We spoke about my low back pain and the constant headaches I’ve been having over the years. He recommended treatment and home stretches to improve my spine and needle work on my neck to help with the headaches. 7 years have passed, with treatment every month and I feel like a new person. My back pain has gone and with only small headaches every now and then. I’m so very pleased with the results. I couldn’t ask for more polite and friendly Chiropractor.

Kathryn Breach

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