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Joint pain

Joint Pain Treatment with our Ipswich Chiropractor

Joint pain is something we see many people for. Sometimes as a secondary problem alongside a neck or low back issue, but also as the primary. This can be shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, ankles or wrists. This can also be pre or post-surgery in some cases.


The key thing to do with the joints, is identify what structure is causing the symptoms and what the reason is. Take the knee for example. Often, a structure in the knee is the cause of the pain. However, the actual stress on that structure is caused because of something going on in the hip or ankle. Our aim is to assess all of these areas so that we understand where the problems are. We do not want this coming back if we can avoid it. Obviously, there are things that we can't undo such as 'wear and tear' (osteoarthritis). What we can do is help to reduce the symptoms and improve the function alongside core knee and hip osteoarthritis treatments and exercise which can help the symptoms massively.

Treatment is aimed at relaxing the muscles as well as strengthening them to support the joint and reduce pain. We also aim to improve the range of movement in the joint, as often a restricted joint is part of the problem. These techniques can sometimes be uncomfortable, but we always aim to work within people's tolerance. Exercises are also a big part of restoring joint function and aids in our success. So expect plenty of advice and some exercises.

Success stories

Mykel has treated me for an arthritic knee, which was very weak. The results have been fantastic as I am now back to hiking and cycling. The exercises he asks you to do in conjunction with his treatment really do work.



I highly recommend Mykel. Excellent, professional service for a shoulder injury. Now back to normal. Thank you.


I visited Mykel for several months after I strained my back lifting. At my first appointment I additionally mentioned that I had overstretched my knee two-years before which had left me with restricted movement and also a twenty-year-old injury to my neck. Treatment for my back worked very fast and I now have full movement in my knee. I am also amazed by the progress in my neck. I haven’t felt this good in years and I am now 66! I should’ve come sooner. I am actually glad that I strained my back. Thank you Mykel.

Kevin Ivey 

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