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Low Back pain

Low Back Pain Treatment with our Ipswich Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment for low back pain is what we are best known for. Low back pain is incredibly common and something that we are considered specialists in. As a Chiropractor, I have seen many people over the years with low back pain. This can be with associated hip pain, sciatica or other symptoms. Our aim is to always get to the root of the problem. This helps us to determine what the best course of action is going forwards for each individual. This is why we will perform our hour-long consultation to understand the issue completely. This consists of a thorough history and examination of the muscles, joints and nerves to confirm whether chiropractic treatment is the best treatment. If we feel that other treatment options are better suited to you, then we will recommend something different.

After your examination, we will propose a plan going forwards. Sometimes further tests are required such as X-ray or MRI, but this can be discussed during your visit.

Treatment for the low back will often involve multiple different elements. Advice and exercises are always important alongside hands on treatment. Chiropractic adjustments of the spine (manipulation) may come with a 'pop' or 'click'. This is gas coming from the joint and not bones being put back into place. This is a very useful technique for many people but not always the best option for everyone. Some people do not like manipulation and some people work better with other techniques. We have many approaches that we can take. We have some very gentle techniques that can work extremely well. We will always work within everyone's preferences.

Success stories

Over the last three years Mykel has been treating me for the chronic back condition I have been suffering from for many years. Thanks to his professional chiropractic care and advice I have been able to avoid risky surgery to my spine. Without exaggeration my back condition is now more stable than it has been for the last twenty years. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mykel for Chiropractic care.

Stephen Nevill 

I would just like to thank Mykel for the amazing work he has done on my back. I feel brand new, and every morning get out of bed with no pain, and I am able to train Muay Thai again at the gym! As a massage therapist myself, I am able to perform the best massages! I originally damaged my back through heavy dead lifting at the gym, which I will not be doing again. I no longer feel like a 90-year-old cripple I feel 22, and I’m 36. Thank you so so much for everything, I am forever GRATEFUL.

Nix Florides 

Mykel has been my chiropractor for the last 3 years. His knowledge and treatment have enabled me to get back to living an active lifestyle after injuring my lower back. Mykel makes you feel totally at ease, has a great sense of humour and pleasant disposition.

David Thomas 

After enduring pain in my neck, hip and back for years I decided to book a consultation after hearing my daughter talk to Mykel. After a full examination and x-ray he told me he could significantly help with a course of treatment. I am now almost completely pain free after seeing Mykel on a regular basis


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