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Welcome to Mason Family Chiropractic Ipswich

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Welcome to Mason family Chiropractic in Ipswich. I am very much looking forward to serving the people of Ipswich and the surrounding areas with my Chiropractic care. I have now been a Chiropractor for 10 years and have decided that this is the right time for me to start my own clinic.

The reason I chose Ipswich is simple, to be close to my family. My family have lived in Ipswich for several years and thoroughly enjoy living in Suffolk. I have visited many times over those years, and I have found many lovely places to visit. However, any further recommendations would be lovely, please feel free to leave a comment.

Ipswich Chiropractor Mykel Mason and his wife Megan
My wife Megan and I can't wait to meet you all

I am Mykel and I look forward to getting to know the area better and helping the people. I discovered Chiropractic when I was 15 and was suffering with low back pain. My mum was recommended by a friend to visit a Chiropractor and it changed my life. If I hadn’t got low back pain at that time, then I am sure that I would not be a Chiropractor today. Chiropractic can be such an effective and empowering treatment and I love helping people. It is, really, quite amazing when you can make that difference for people, especially if they have been suffering for many years. A lot of people are suffering out there thinking that they can’t be helped but this is not the case for many of them. This is where Chiropractic can really change people’s lives.

My mission is to provide expert, patient-centred healthcare in an open and caring way, to work with you to achieve your goals. In my 10 years as a Chiropractor, I have learned many different techniques to give me the greatest toolbox to help people of all ages in the Ipswich area. I'm always striving to improve so that I can deliver the best Chiropractic care possible, for you and your family. I know that many people can feel not listened to by healthcare professionals, especially with regards to musculoskeletal issues. This is why we always take a thorough history and do a thorough examination to ascertain the best course of action. It is important to me to be open and honest and recommend what I genuinely feel is best for each individual person. Each care plan I put together is personalised for that individual, so that they can get the best results.

If you’re curious as to whether Chiropractic care might be able to help you, feel free to book a complimentary telephone chat. We can have a brief discussion about your problems, and you can then decide if you want to go ahead and book a full consultation. If I don’t think that I am the right person to help, then I will endeavour to recommend someone who can. Please call 01473 954817 or book through the website here.

Yours in health,

Mykel Mason DC LRCC MChiro

Ipswich Chiropractor

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