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Sciatica Treatment with our Ipswich Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment for Sciatica is very popular. Understanding someone's sciatica is essential as it can present in a variety of ways. Sciatica most often consists of leg pain with or without pins and needles, weakness and numbness. Often this is accompanied with low back pain but can be present without. It commonly affects one leg, but sometimes both. It can also be severe or mild; constant or coming and going. Our Ipswich Chiropractor has been trained to identify the cause of the sciatica. This is done through a thorough history and examination of the muscles, joints and nerves. This then guides the best treatment plan going forwards. Often with these issues there has been a problem present for a while just under the surface. This has then been pushed over the edge causing symptoms. This can be something as simple as tying your shoelaces or picking up a piece of paper. Generally something you have done thousands of times before. Once you have had your consultation our Chiropractor will put together a plan for you. Sometimes he may feel that referring you to another healthcare professional is what is best for you. We can also refer you for x-ray or MRI if necessary.

Treatment is tailor-made based on your history and examination. As you go through your care plan, treatment will change as you improve. Treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation and increasing function. With sciatica our key aim is on reducing any pressure or irritation of the nerves.

Success stories

I developed sciatica during the lockdown and Mykel couldn't have been more helpful in getting me up and running again during this tricky time. Friendly and thoroughly professional with great results. Would strongly recommend



Treatment with Mykel has helped so much. I have had sciatica for 8 months and I find myself without the sciatica after just 4 sessions. I am not having to take the strong pain killers anymore. It’s great.

Raheal Miah 

You couldn’t be in better hands if you have sciatica or pain with your back or anything else for that matter.


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